How to Recognize Outlets and Lights that Pose a Fire Hazard

Electricians Arlington VA

There’s a reason a master electrician has to go to college and work out on the field for several years. It’s a dangerous job with equally dangerous consequences if something were to go wrong. Don’t leave it up to amateurs, hire Electricians Arlington VA can rely on for a proper installation.

Signs of Damaged Electrical Receptacles: What to Watch For Symptoms of Damaged Electrical Wire in Your Home

Incorrect electrical installation accounts for 51,000 fires, roughly 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage each year. That’s why it’s so important to call Electricians Sterling VA can depend on if you suspect a damaged outlet.

Electricians Sterling VA
Electricians Sterling VA

How can you tell if your house has damaged circuits, outlets, lights, receptacles or appliances?

Electrician Falls Church VA
Electrician Falls Church VA

There is no cookie cutter answer except for experience. Although if you pay attention, you may see a few helpful signs to let an Electrician Falls Church VA trusts know.


You may hear this in old 80’s movies and horror movies, but after you turn your lights on, they should not be buzzing!


Electricians Manassas VA
Electricians Manassas VA

If a light is flickering it may have a loose connection, it’s best not to use it until you can get Electricians Manassas VA can rely on to check it out.

Charred outlets.

If you can see an obvious black ring around the outlet or if it simply looks burnt. Further usage could create a fire, seek an electrician immediately.


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